Terms & How To Order

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Terms of Sale

Custom helmets are not safety devices but costume pieces and must be used as such. No responsibility is taken for injuries occurring from improper use.

My products are for personal use only and not for replication. Please contact me if you're buying for a commercial project.

Garuda Workshop retains the right to refuse commission requests.

How to Order

Helmet commissions are priced individually but start at around £1,500.

To begin ordering please use the contact page to send a message with details of what you would like me to make. I will review your order and if it's something I can do, I'll contact you with a quote or ask you for more information. If you're happy with that quote let us know, pay a 1/3rd deposit on the commission and I'll add you to the pending list.

I work on 2-3 orders at a time and when I'm ready to work on your order I will move your order to the production list. This is when I'll start to make your piece. The 2nd payment is due when I've printed out the parts and the final payment + shipping is due when the order is complete.


Payment is by PayPal, Google Wallet or direct bank transfer for items up to £200. This is to be paid up front.

For items £200 and over, payment is by PayPal, Google Wallet or direct bank transfer. I require a 33% non-refundable deposit which will secure your order.

Turnaround Times

You will be given an estimate of turnaround time on receipt of your quote. I will keep you up to date with how your project is progressing in terms of delivery date and photos so you can see your item taking shape.

Product Design & Quoting

If your order is detailed enough or is similar to previous pieces I've made I can quote you straight away. Sometimes I need a design first, so I can gauge the scope of the project. I offer designs prior to quoting which also serve as the first step of the production process. If I design your item then I will subtract the cost of design from the final quote as that step will already be carried out.

Production Process

Production is a two step process. Firstly your design will be created digitally for manufacture and will represent the final constructed product (if you supplied me with your own design). Changes can be made to the design but consideration must always be given to practicality. The design must be possible to make given the materials and manufacturing methods and it must also be wearable if it is a costume piece.

Once the design has been agreed on no major changes can be made. Any changes will incur extra charges and production will pause until those charges are paid.


Shipping is not included in your quote and is calculated at the end of the project when the weight and dimensions can be measured. You will need to account for any import tax or customs fees as I cannot anticipate what they will be and it will be your responsibility to cover those.

Your item will be shipped by a recognised courier service with tracking and insured for the full value.

You can also pick up your item in person. Please contact me to arrange a suitable time.

Cancelling an Order

Garuda Workshop reserves the right to cancel an order should the customer become unreasonable or threatening.

If you need to cancel your order then any money you paid except for your deposit will be refunded to you. I reserve the right to complete the project and sell it at auction.

Returns and Warranty

All items have a 30 day warranty and returns policy for items that do not fit as intended or arrive defective. I will not accept items that have been misused or modified in any way.

If you return the item within 30 days then you will be refunded the amount based on resale/auction value minus your deposit.

It is your responsibility to pay for shipping on returns and to insure your item. I will not take responsibility for lost items.

Repairs and Modifications

Please contact me if you would like me to quote for any repair work or to make modifications to your product.