Three New Helmet Commissions

Since the Garuda Workshop website went live we've been busy creating new helmets. It's been a bit of a brutal learning curve especially when it comes to paints. Trying to find paints that play nicely with the helmets and lacquer as well as standing up to being masked off in a reasonable time has been a painful adventure!

Here are our latest creations!



DJ Hakupamf

A stylised panther helmet incorporating the signature triangular spots. The helmet has EL wire on the forehead and ears which is great when used when DJing!




Burrobot Burrobot

Mane LightingA robot donkey head with illuminated ears both using EL wire and Neopixels. The LEDs on the mane are programmable using an Arduino Nano to animate as you can see here!


Inspired by Fallout & space marines this is the helmet for space faring felines who need to deal with some hostile environments.