Are the helmets road legal?

My custom helmets are wearable art and not safety equipment. Whilst they are tough and padded inside they will not protect you properly in the case of a crash. Please wear them responsibly.

What are the helmets made from?

The helmets are 3D printed in PLA, smoothed and painted before interior padding and fastenings are attached.

Can I have lights on my helmets?

If they can be fit into the design, then absolutely! Consideration must be given to heat and space for circuit boards and batteries.

How heavy are the helmets?

The walls of the helmets are hollow with a honeycomb infill for strength making them strong but light. They weight between 1-2kg depending on the size and complexity of the design.

How do you put them on?

Helmets can be designed to be worn as a single pull on piece like a motorcycle helmet or a 2-part piece like a Super Sentai/Power Rangers helmet where you wear the front like a mask and the back hinges down.

Is shipping included in the cost?

No, shipping is worked out at the end of manufacturing once the final dimensions and weight can be measured. I will hold onto your helmet for 3 months but after that it will be sold at auction.

3D Designs

Can I have the model?