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Rabbit Scout Helmet

Rabbit Scout helmet, fully lined with removable padding. Perfect for space adventures.

This is a piece of wearable art not a crash helmet. If you drop it, it will most likely break! Please treat it with care so you can enjoy it for a long time to come.

Please Note

This auction is not a proxy auction. The bid you make will be the price you pay.

Delivery is not included. (This can vary from around £90 to the US to around £180 to Australia).

All bids are made in british pounds (£) and payment is via PayPal or bank transfer

This helmet is not to be used for commercial purposes or duplicated.

When the auction ends, you will be contacted for delivery details and provided with a cost for delivery.

To ensure this product fits, follow these instructions:

Download one of the following PDFs according to the paper you use (A4 size | letter size)
Print it out and ensure the square in the middle is exactly 10cm x 10cm in size
Stick it to a piece of card such as a cereal packet box
Cut out the middle portion containing the square
Put your head through it. If your head goes through, the helmet will fit you. Please note the helmet does not flex so there’s no way you can stretch it to make it fit. If you do that, it will break.